About us



The Proprietor- Mr. D.K.Mukhopadhay had been associated with the trade since the beginning of his career in 1964 with LEE & MUIRHEAD INDIA LTD. Consistently rising thereafter as a Senior Executive of reputed Clearing Agency Houses like COMMERCIAL CLEARING AGENCY, WARREN INDUSTRIES LTD., J.M.BAXI & CO., KYC CARGO SERVICES LTD.
Mr. Mukhopadhay is qualified in Regulation-9 and also Regulation-8 of Customs House Agent Examination.
In the year 2012 Mr. Mukhopadhay obtained the CHA License No.H-36. After getting this opportunity he started his own Clearing and Forwarding business as an Authorized Customs Clearing Agent in the name, HEADWAY CLEARING & FORWARDING AGENCY.
Mr. Gouranga Mukherjee, son of the proprietor has joined in this organization with his vast knowledge in customs clearing and freight forwarding, having customs and port Licence to develop customs clearing business.